2018 DWDW Recipient:

Cavett Kids Foundation


Motto: "Where illness does not define the child"

Story: The Cavett Kids Foundation (CKF), started as a dream by founder Danny Cavett, has evolved into five camps serving nearly 360 children with various life-threatening and chronic illnesses ranging from leukemia, heart disease, cystic fibrosis, Crohn's disease and several others. A difference is made in the lives of at least 12,000 children and their families each year through annual camps and ongoing programs, such as Diversionary Play, Therapy Dog Visits, Dialysis Rewards, and more.

Mission: To develop CharacterCoping, and Connection for kids battling life-threatening illnesses. 

"A common experience links all Cavett Kids -  a unique environment where they feel truly understood - sometimes for the first time in their lives." Children suffering from life-threatening or chronic illnesses often feel disconnected and alone because of medical problems.  The camps offered by the Cavett Kids Foundation create an environment in which the children don't have to be isolated due to their conditions. Through the numerous activities offered by each camp, CKF is able to help the children break down walls and and bring normalcy back to their lives. Campers are able to move past their surgical scars and the limits placed on their physical activity to develop a new self-image. That image is shaped by what they endured and what they hope to become. 

Programs such as Diversionary Play (which offers a distraction from the monotonous and stressful visits to the doctor) and Dialysis Rewards (which gives children battling kidney disease rewards for taking medications, following diets, and setting personal goals) help instill hope into the lives of the children. These programs have the power to boost morale, improve motivation, and lessen worry, anxiety, unhappiness, and pain among the patients. 

Values: Hope. Encouragement. Acceptance. Perspective. Trust.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cavettkids/

Instagram: cavettkids

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CavettKids

Snapchat: CavettKids1997

YouTube: CavettKids

To learn more please visit cavettkids.org

2018 Common thread recipient:

Down syndrome association of central oklahoma (DSACO)


Each year, we have a Common Thread that receives 5% of each Edmond High School’s total. This year’s Common Thread is the Down Syndrome Association of Central Oklahoma (DSACO). DSACO serves nearly 700 families in the central Oklahoma region who have a child or loved one with Down syndrome. DSACO will designate 100% of the funds to educating our local community and funding programs that directly serve children, teens, and adults with Down syndrome in the central Oklahoma area.