Over the past 23 years, the recipients of Double Wolf Dare Week have been varied and each served a unique purpose. The students of Santa Fe have seen their commitment make a difference in thousands of lives.

Cavett Kids #s.jpg

2018 - The cavett kids foundation - $204,206

The Cavett Kids Foundation used the more than $200,000 raised helped start a sixth summer camp to serve children with chronic and life-threatening illnesses. The lives of over 12,000 children are enhanced through the camps and other programs sponsored by the Foundation, allowing these kids to experience activities most children take for granted.


Infant Crisis #s.jpg

2017 - Infant crises services - $157,821

Infant Crisis Services used the funds donated to purchase an additional “Babymobile”, to transport formula, food and diapers to families in need. The new “Babymobile” is now helping the organization serve over 4,000 families each year.


Care Center #s.PNG

2016 - the Care center - $162,556

Students raised more than $162,000 to help The Care Center start a new education program called ROAR. The interactive curriculum in this program teaches children ages 4-8 to be empowered to stand up for and protect themselves from abuse.