Since 1996, the students of Edmond Santa Fe High School have continued their heart-filled legacy of giving and making a difference.


Why double wolf dare week

The idea behind the week generated from the saying "I double dog dare you". Santa Fe made this into their own concept, substituting the word Wolf to tie back to the school’s mascot and forming the name - Double Wolf Dare Week. During the week students classified as "Ugly Men" perform Dares as one way to help raise funds for that year’s designated recipient organization. There are also assemblies, night events, sports tournaments, a silent auction and food nights to help raise even more money towards the annual fundraising goal.

quick facts

  • It all began in 1996, when the Santa Fe student body came together to save the life of a future Wolf.

  • Hailey Cobble was the first worthy recipient.

  • Recipients have been both individuals and 501(c) non-profit organizations.

  • To date, Double Wolf Dare Week has benefited 23 unique and deserving recipients.

  • DWDW is an entirely student-driven and organized endeavor.

  • As of DWDW 2018, more than $3,000,000 has been raised.