The Anna’s House Foundation

The Anna’s House Foundation works to provide immediate, stable and loving homes for Oklahoma County's children in state custody. AHF desires to offer a future of hope to foster children and foster families by providing housing, support, training, and resources in a community setting.


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Santa Fe High School has set a monetary goal of $150,000 to fund a portion of the new Community Center that will be located at the heart of the eight home Luther Community. The Luther Community houses eight sets of foster parents that each take in up to five foster children with an emphasis on keeping sibling groups together. The Community Center will include a large gym and space for therapy and counseling.

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Anna’s House’s Impact

About 22% of Oklahoma’s foster children live in Oklahoma County, over half of those are under age 6. There are less than 500 traditional foster homes in Oklahoma County. 50% of children are moved more than three times during their time in foster care and 50% of siblings are separated . 

Some estimates indicate that as many as 70% of the American children suffering from some type of attachment disorder today are children in the foster system. The goal of The Anna's House Foundation is to recruit and support families who open their homes at a moment's notice to give immediate shelter, comfort and love to some the most vulnerable among us.

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anna’s story

On January 1, 2007 Anna was born in the Oklahoma County Jail ten weeks premature. She was pronounced clinically dead, but miraculously regained her heartbeat and lived on a ventilator at Children's Hospital for the next six weeks.

After a failed kinship placement, Anna returned to the hospital with a diagnosis of double pneumonia and "failure to thrive." Her DHS worker was the only person to visit her. Doctors feared that if Anna did not bond with a parent very soon, she would likely die. The Harkins family learned of her situation and began spending nights with her in the hospital, brought her home as her foster parents, and eventually adopted her.

Despite her setbacks, Anna continues to thrive and grow stronger each day. She is a part of a family that loves and nurtures her, something that every foster kid deserves. This experience with Anna inspired the family to begin a foundation named after her and dedicated to the needs of newborns and infants in foster care. In August of 2009, Anna's House Foundation was formed, seeds were planted, and fruit continues to grow.