The Odd Squad

Each year, Edmond Santa Fe has students who volunteer much of their time, money, and efforts into making Double Wolf Dare Week an incredible experience to make a difference in our community. This page is dedicated to them to recognize their efforts and show our appreciation.

Thank You odd Squad 2016-2017


                    Milena Semere                                Ashley Lodhi

                    McKeely Moore                               Katelyn King

                    Jordan Dubler


                      Kiyona Outlaw                                   Olivia James

              Grace Markwell                                 Ale Reed

                     Brooke Qualls                                   Chris Russell

                Raimie Rasmussen                           Katie Han

                   Nova Sukut                                          Tia Zubair

                       Brittany Schrader


Lisa Zheng                Jazlyn Huynh

Ryleigh Horst    Zandar Dravon-Gemilli

Alani Morris     Zoe Hungate

Danna Abella     Ariana Ahmadi

Jessica Fan     Amariah Shelfield


Madi Stuart     Anna Green

Zac Zubia     Paige Parks

Julia Reese     Jasmione Graves